A Guide on How to Use Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro

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KineMaster Pro Video Editor isn’t just about video editing; it’s a canvas for your creativity. Among its plethora of features, the Handwriting tool stands out, allowing users to add a personal touch to their videos. In this tutorial, we’ll explore the art of Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro, covering everything from creating annotations to adding dynamic doodles with animations.

What is Handwriting in Kinemaster?

Handwriting in Kinemaster is more than just jotting down notes; it’s a versatile tool for creating handwritten annotations, drawings, and even signatures. The primary goal is to draw attention to specific regions, often using arrows or dynamic animations. Kinemaster offers various brushes with different shapes, allowing users to highlight areas in their videos creatively.

How to Use Handwriting in Kinemaster

Follow these steps to unleash the power of Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro:

Access the Brush Selector

  • Tap and hold on the screen to bring up the brush selector.
  • Choose a brush that suits your creative vision.

Adjust Brush Height

  • Using your finger, pull the pen’s tip upwards or downwards to change its height.

Precision Movement

  • Use two fingers to move the marker around the screen for precision.

Resize the Marker

  • Drag small circles on the screen with your finger’s tip to change the marker’s size.

Rotate for Precision

  • Use two fingers to rotate the marker on the screen for precise adjustments.

Customize Transparency

  • Adjust the transparency (opacity) of any brush type using the buttons below the display’s center.

Finalize Your Drawing

  • Lift your finger from the screen’s start to end once you’ve chosen all options.

Undo or Redo

  • Undo or redo any changes made by clicking on the respective buttons at the top right corner of Kinemaster’s display.

Save Your Drawing

  • Tap on the “Save” button at the bottom center of Kinemaster’s display.

Explore Additional Functions

  • After saving your drawing, explore other functions such as adding text to the image.

Undo/Redo Actions

  • If needed, undo or redo any action through the menu button.

Share Your Creations

  • Share your saved images by tapping on the “share” button.


Where can I find Handwriting in Kinemaster?

Open any project, tap + > Tools > Handwriting to access a virtual pen, eraser, and brush size options.

What can I use Handwriting for in Kinemaster?

Handwriting is ideal for annotations, adding arrows, shapes, signing digital documents, and inserting handwritten notes into other apps using Kinemaster’s “share” feature.

Which devices support Handwriting in Kinemaster?

Any device running OS 4.0 and above with a touch-screen is compatible, with optimal performance on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer.


Congratulations! You’ve mastered the art of Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro. This tutorial covered the basics, from choosing brushes to creating dynamic annotations. Feel free to share your valuable comments and explore the endless possibilities of Kinemaster’s creative features. For more in-depth information on Handwriting in Kinemaster, read on.

This tutorial provides a unique and comprehensive guide to using Handwriting in Kinemaster Pro, ensuring a seamless and creative video editing experience for users.

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