Unlock Your Musical Talent: How to Add Your Own Music to Resso App

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In the ever-evolving landscape of music streaming apps, Resso has emerged as a dynamic platform for music lovers. Not only does it offer an extensive library of songs from various artists, but it also allows users to add their own music. If you’re a singing enthusiast or have original compositions, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add your own music to the Resso app.

How to Add Your Own Music to Resso – A Musical Journey Begins

  1. Open the Resso App:
    • Launch the Resso app on your device. Ensure you have the latest version to access all features seamlessly.
  2. Navigate to “My Library”:
    • Tap on the “My Library” tab located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your personalized music library.
  3. Click “Add Music”:
    • On the “My Library” page, look for the “Add music” button. Click on it to initiate the process of adding your own music.
  4. Select Your Favorite Songs or Albums:
    • Now, you can add your favorite songs or entire albums to your Resso Library. Explore the vast collection and choose the ones that resonate with your musical taste.
  5. Enjoy Your Own Music:
    • Once you’ve successfully added your own music, you can access it in the “My Library” section. Enjoy listening to your compositions anytime, anywhere.

It’s important to note that Resso supports specific audio formats for adding music to your library. Ensure that your songs or albums comply with the supported formats to make them accessible on the app.

Add Your Own Voice – Share Your Musical Magic

For those gifted with a melodious voice, Resso provides an incredible opportunity to share your musical magic with the world. Sing your heart out, record your songs, and upload them to Resso to engage with a global community of music enthusiasts.

Advantages of Adding Your Music to Resso

  1. Explore Your Musical World:
    • Adding your music opens up a new realm of possibilities, allowing you to explore and curate your musical world.
  2. Engage the Community:
    • Connect with a community of music lovers who appreciate and resonate with your unique sound. Share your creations and receive feedback.
  3. Self-Exploration:
    • Uploading your music is not just about sharing; it’s a journey of self-exploration. Discover your style, experiment with genres, and grow as an artist.
  4. Access Your Music Anytime:
    • Enjoy the convenience of accessing your own songs anytime, eliminating the need to search for files on various devices.


Q: How do I upload my song to Resso? A: Within a few seconds, you can upload your songs on Resso. Download the app, tap the “My Library” page, and click the “Add music” button.

Q: Is Resso compatible with all audio formats? A: Resso supports specific audio formats. Ensure your songs comply with the supported formats to add them to your library.

Q: What can I do to add all file formats on Resso? A: To add all file formats, consider getting a subscription to Resso. You can explore the premium features and enjoy the freedom to add a diverse range of music.


Resso isn’t just a music streaming app; it’s a platform that encourages and celebrates individuality in music. Whether you’re a listener or a creator, adding your own music to Resso unlocks a world of possibilities. Download the app, share your musical creations, and let your voice be heard globally. Your singing journey begins here.

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