How to Add Effects in Kinemaster: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Kinemaster has become a popular choice for video editing, offering a plethora of features, including the ability to add captivating effects. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the types of effects available, the process of adding them, and answer common questions regarding Kinemaster effects.

Effects In KineMaster You Should Know

Whether you opt for the free or paid version of Kinemaster, the available effects differ. The free version offers basic effects like Mosaic and Gaussian Blur. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks a myriad of effects, including Mirror, Ripple, Cartoon, and more. The paid subscription provides a creative playground with numerous options to enhance your video editing experience.

How To Add Effects On Kinemaster?

  1. Access KineMaster: Launch the app and import videos or images.
  2. Import Images: Click on the Media button, go to your folder, and select images to import.
  3. Access Effects Menu: Click on the Layer button, then the Effect button. In the paid version, you can explore more effects through the “Get More” option.
  4. Apply Effects: Choose the desired effect, and it will be added as a new layer, allowing for both in and out animations.


Are Effects In KineMaster Free?

While the free version provides two basic effects, Mosaic and Gaussian Blur, the paid version unlocks a plethora of effects for a more enhanced video editing experience.

KineMaster Effects Alternative On PC?

For those seeking alternatives, Filmora is a free video editor with a vast library of effects and built-in video editing elements.

Is It Worth Paying For Extra Effects In KineMaster?

Investing in the paid version of Kinemaster unlocks a multitude of effects, offering a more dynamic and creative editing experience. However, alternatives like Filmora provide a free option with a substantial effects library.

Can I Add Effects If I’m Working With Chroma Key?

Yes, KineMaster allows users to apply Chroma Key while utilizing video effects. The layering capability makes it possible to create impressive videos seamlessly.


Understanding the nuances of Kinemaster, its effects, and available alternatives empowers users to make informed choices based on their creative requirements. Whether opting for the paid version or exploring alternatives, the goal is to fulfill your editing needs effectively.How to Add Effects in Kinemaster: A Step-by-Step Guidev

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