Why Export Resso Playlist to URL? Effortless Sharing of Music Delight

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Music enthusiasts love curating playlists on Resso, the popular music streaming app. Creating the perfect playlist involves selecting songs that resonate with your mood and taste, resulting in a personalized musical journey. While Resso provides an excellent platform for crafting and enjoying playlists, music lovers often want to share their curated lists with friends or across various platforms. Unfortunately, Resso doesn’t have a built-in feature to export playlists to a URL directly within the app. However, there’s a simple workaround to achieve this and share your musical delights effortlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide for Exporting Resso Playlist to URL:

  1. Open the Resso Application: Launch the Resso application on your device and navigate to the playlist you wish to export.
  2. Manually List Songs: Carefully list the names of the songs and the corresponding artists in the playlist. You can do this within the Resso app by reviewing the playlist and noting down the details.
  3. Create a Text Document: Open a word processor or a note-taking app on your device and jot down the songs and artists in the desired format.
  4. Save and Share: Save the text document and upload it to a file-sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other platform that allows you to generate a shareable URL for the file.
  5. Share the URL: Obtain the shareable URL for the text document and share it with others. By clicking on the link, they can access the playlist details.

While this method doesn’t directly export the playlist within Resso, it effectively lets you share the playlist information through a URL.

Advantages of Exporting Resso Playlist to URL:

  1. Effortless Sharing: Share your favorite music effortlessly with friends and followers by sending them the URL.
  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: URLs are accessible on any device or platform, extending their reach to a broader audience.
  3. Playlist Promotion: Leverage social media or other platforms to share your playlist URL and effectively promote your curated music collection.


Can I directly export my Resso playlist to a URL within the app?

No, Resso doesn’t provide a direct feature to export playlists to a URL within the app. However, you can manually list the songs and artists, create a text document, and share it through a file-sharing service.

Why would I want to export my Resso playlist to a URL?

Exporting Resso playlists to URLs offers effortless sharing, allowing you to share your curated music with friends and a broader audience. It facilitates cross-platform compatibility and serves as a promotion tool for your playlists.

What is the advantage of using a URL for playlist sharing?

Using a URL for playlist sharing provides a convenient and accessible way for others to view your playlist details. URLs are easily shareable across various platforms and compatible with different devices.

Can others listen to the songs directly from the URL?

No, the URL created through this method doesn’t provide direct access to the songs for streaming. It serves as a reference to the playlist details, and users can explore the songs on their own music streaming platforms.

Are there alternative methods for sharing Resso playlists?

While the URL method is effective for sharing playlist details, Resso also allows you to share your playlists directly within the app. You can use the app’s sharing features to send playlists to other Resso users.


Exporting your Resso playlist to a URL offers a convenient and efficient way to share your music preferences with friends and the global audience. By following the outlined steps meticulously, you can swiftly export your Resso playlist and spread the joy of music. Whether you’re sharing your latest discoveries or promoting a thematic playlist, this method ensures a seamless sharing experience for all music enthusiasts.

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