Lyrical Bliss: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Show Lyrics on Resso

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Music is not just about melodies; it’s a tapestry of emotions woven through lyrics. Resso, a renowned music streaming app, goes beyond the conventional by allowing users to seamlessly access lyrics while enjoying their favorite tunes. In this guide, we’ll explore the step-by-step process of revealing the lyrical magic on Resso and how this feature enhances your musical experience.

Unveiling the Lyrics on Resso – Step by Step

Resso makes it easy to immerse yourself in the lyrical narratives of your beloved songs. Follow these steps to show lyrics on Resso:

  1. Download Resso Mod APK: Ensure you have the Resso app installed on your mobile device. You can find the Resso Mod APK on our website (for Android) or (for iOS).
  2. Open the Resso App and Log In: Launch the Resso app on your mobile device by tapping on its icon. Log in to your account if you haven’t already.
  3. Search for a Song: Utilize the search bar at the top of the screen to find the song you wish to listen to and explore its lyrics.
  4. Select the Song: Tap on the selected song from the search results to open its player screen.
  5. Tap on the “Lyrics” Button: On the player screen, various options will be visible, including “Lyrics,” “Comments,” and “Share.” Tap on the “Lyrics” button, typically represented by a speech bubble icon.
  6. View the Lyrics: Once you tap on the “Lyrics” button, the song’s lyrics will synchronize with the music and appear on the screen. Scroll through the lyrics as the song progresses.
  7. Customize Lyric Display: Personalize your lyrical experience by customizing the display settings. Adjust font size, color, and background to match your preferences. Look for options like “Settings” or “Display Settings” within the lyrics screen for customization.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to sing along to your favorite tunes with synchronized lyrics on Resso.


How do I find lyrics on Resso?

To find lyrics on Resso, download and install the app, search for a song, open its player screen, and tap on the “Lyrics” button.

Can I create playlists on Resso?

Yes, Resso allows users to create and curate playlists based on their musical preferences.

Can I share music from Resso with others?

Absolutely! Resso provides sharing options, allowing you to share your favorite tracks with friends and followers on various platforms.

What is Resso?

Resso is a music streaming app developed by ByteDance, providing a personalized and social music experience.


Discovering lyrics on Resso adds a layer of depth to your musical journey. With the ability to effortlessly access and customize the display of lyrics, Resso transforms your listening experience into an immersive lyrical adventure. So, let the melodies play, and sing along to the rhythm of your favorite songs with Resso.

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